What is your judicial experience?

This is the first time I have sought a Judicial position in Franklin Common Pleas Court Domestic Division.  Up to now I have been in private practice for sixteen (17) years representing private and court appointed clients throughout many Ohio counties.  I have practiced in Federal, State, and Municipal counts, and have extensive courtroom Jury and Bench trial experience.

Why are you running for this particular court seat?

As I have traveled the State in my private practice, I have seen and experienced varying degrees of success in how Municipal court judges perform their duties.  It is my belief that a Municipal Court Judge can no longer ignore the “where from, and the “how to” when dealing with Defendants and victims. 

As an example, I would look to the current opioid crisis in our State and county and point out that many of the defendants and victims of this crisis and resulting crimes put families in two separate court systems simultaneously.  Affected families find themselves before the Franklin County Domestic Relations division and in the Franklin County Municipal Court.  As an attorney/candidate practicing in both divisions (adult and Juvenile) and the Common Pleas Criminal division, I am experienced with negotiating and forging a resolution that helps families as defendants and victims. 

If elected to the Franklin County Municipal Court bench I have the in-depth knowledge and understanding of how the three (3) courts interact (via Defendants and Victims) and the experience working resolutions that address all concerns of defendants and victims and the goals and expectations they have of our justice system. 

As the largest and busiest Municipal Court in Ohio, our Judges must be informed and responsive to administering justice that is sensitive to the make-up of the defendants and victims and to the full circle of service providers in and around the judiciary.

What about your non-judicial legal experience qualifies you to be judge?

As a private attorney with extensive in-court experience in many Municipal and Common Pleas courts, I have represented thousands of clients (adult and juvenile) as they have made their way through the various Justice systems.  My ongoing caseload includes many serious felony cases, including Murder, Kidnapping, Drug Trafficking, Sex Crimes, Thefts, and Civil matters such as personal injury cases.

In Franklin County and surrounding counties, I have represented hundreds of clients in Municipal courts where they faced charges such as OVI offenses, domestic violence, assaults, and other traffic and civil matters.

I am one of a handful of Franklin County court appointed attorneys qualified to represent juvenile offenders as they defend against transfer to the adult criminal justice system as part of the bind-over process.

As part of my private practice, I have represented hundreds of clients as they entered Domestic Relations Court with matters such as Divorce or Dissolution of their marriages, and I have assisted parents with custody matters and Civil Protection Orders. 

I have represented many business owners as they formulate companies and sometimes litigate contractual issues. Prior to obtaining my law degree, I acquired extensive business experience in the private retail sector and as Deputy Director of Purchasing with the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT).

I have interacted with more than thirty (30) judges throughout various Ohio courts and have learned from each one of them how to Judge and manage a courtroom.  If elected Judge, I will take the best practices from all of them and formulate a courtroom atmosphere that administers justice that is fair, responsive, and respectful to all who enter. 


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